INKsane Team

Alejandro Tejeda

Alejandro Tejeda

Founder & Artist

INKSANE team is formed by Alejandro Tejeda its founder, a Cuban born, American established artist with an extensive experience in the Art field, standing out in the realistic oil-based painting for more than 15 years. Alejandro started showing his passion for drawing at a very young age when he spent hours drawing, then he continued improving his skills in different art academies for young children until he became of age to enter the famous Academy of Arts, Saint Alejandro, in Havana, Cuba.

In 2005 Alejandro graduated from the specialty of Engraving and started his professional career as a painter, taking photographs of people and iconic places in Cuba, back then, Alejandro started his digital art journey on Photoshop in order to manipulate these people and place them in this iconic places of Cuba, the combination of these skills, digital art, realistic painting and photography have allowed Alejandro to create impressive realistic tattoo pieces, where some have been awarded in Tattoo Conventions. Alejandro focuses on professional development and enjoys a team that pursues a constant grow as an artist by pushing their skills to the limit and accepting challenging pieces.

Alejandro’s style of work is mainly realism, but he also enjoys the blend-in of this style with other styles of work like surrealism, Japanese realism, and many others. Please refer to his PORTFOLIO for more references.


General Manager & Founder

Cossette oversees all the operations and functions of Inksane Tattoo Studio. Her behind the scenes work is essential in maintaining the business. Her artistic vision and experience in the visual arts makes her the perfect person to trust with when you need a tattoo consultation. Cossette will make sure you’ll have the best tattoo experience since the moment you contact us for a consultation and even after you leave our studio, she’ll assist you with any questions you might have.

Cossette Inksane Manager