About Us

This small gem of a shop located in the heart of Mimo District, Miami, gives you a welcoming mood. Its dynamic between the gray walls, natural finish and modern furniture paired with the kind lighting that draws the attention to the owner’s art pieces on the wall were intentionally designed to give you a sense of airiness and comfort within the constraints of the space.

INKsane Tattoo Studio in Miami's Mimo District


Inksane Tattoo Studio philosophy is that “Luxury starts when necessity ends”. Our artists will create a unique -customized art piece for you, designed to your needs. Do you want to feel good, then you must look good. At Inksane Tattoo Studio, we pay attention to details. Since the moment you walk in, we’ll make you feel like home, because your satisfaction is our top priority.


Inksane team is integrated by professionals that guarantee quality and punctuality. Inksane Tattoo Studio operates by the highest standards of cleanliness, safety, and sanitation. We use first choice renowned products for the creation of our pieces, most instruments are single use while other equipment is properly sanitized after each client’s use. Some of our artists can work on a wide variety of styles such as realism, surrealism, mechanical, new traditional, geometric, old school, anime, lettering, and many more.